Employee Wellness & Team Building:

This program is designed to increase productivity, by promoting team work, trust and simpatico work environment, and simply bring out the best in each individual employee. These events are by appointment only and will last 2 to 3 hours.

If your company has its own training facility and meeting place where you prefer to have this event, one of our staff from CLB will come to you!


WELCOME: We begin promptly with a welcome and introduction of the participants, and briefly outline CLB’s philosophy as well as the agenda for the afternoon.

NUTRITION: Our CLB Nutritionist will share our best diet and nutritional secrets with your employees. They will be educated on the easiest ways to change their eating habits which will improve energy levels, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle, and feel better than ever before! With the help of our sample diets, your employees will be able to start a healthier eating plan the very next day. This part of the program will conclude with a question and answer period so everyone leaves feeling knowledgeable and especially confident about setting new fitness goals in order to implement a healthier nutrition plan in their daily lives.

WORKOUT: Now we break out into a fun, calorie-busting workout. Your employees will have a blast – encouraging each other as they participate in a Total Development Training session with one of our Fitness CoachesWE ENCOURAGE AN INTIMIDATION FREE ZONE. There are variations to all the exercises so everyone can do it at their own pace.

COOL DOWN & STRETCH: We finish off your session with a great cool-down and stretch – followed by some deep breathing/meditation and final words of encouragement be you’re off and running to begin your healthier lifestyle journey.